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What Do We Do

Counselling can help with difficult experiences or feelings you’ve been going through

From stress to feeling unhappy with yourself or others, counselling can be a great help in reducing some of these negative factors in your life.

What We Pride Ourselves On

Giving you someone to talk to.

By giving you an unbiased pair of ears on a situation you can really find yourself opening up about some of the things that have bothering you for so long.

A Little White Room

A Place To Talk Away From The World

A place that makes you feel far far away, a place where no one can reach you, Somewhere you can really relax.

What has Others Said?

We are tried and testing, don't just take my word for it, listen to the words of those who have spoken to me.

JohnAnger Management

“I had terrible anger management problems, but with help from Kat, I managed to control myself much more often and now I feel like a different person.”

Diane Self-esteem and Confidence Issues

“I was always feeling low about myself but after speaking with Kat, I really started to see why I was wrong about myself and my confidence shot through the roof. I am very happy now!”

JackDeath In The Family

“After loosing my father I just needed someone to talk to about it, I spoke to Kat, she was just the person i needed at the time.”

ZakWork-Related Stress

“All I needed was someone to talk to while I went over all the stress I was getting at work, Well if it wasn't for Kat, I'd still be stressed about work, I love it now!”


“Talking is the hardest thing as a guy, but with Kat I found I could open up a lot more about my problems. Something I can't even do with my wife.”

Their names have been changed to protect their identity.

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