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We offer you a private and confidential service which will allow you to explore any difficulties you may be having, distress you may be experiencing or loss of a sense of direction and purpose in your life.

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By listening attentively and patiently, I can help you to see things more clearly, possibly from a different perspective. Counselling is a way of enabling choice or change, or of reducing confusion. It does not involve giving advice or directing you to take a particular course of action, but focuses on empowering you by encouraging you to gain insight into your life.

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Katreena Tomkins, MBACP Dip.Couns Integrative

Counsellor & Psychotherapist

I have been a counselor for many years which has allowed me to gain a vast amount of experience in dealing with a variety of cases. From family troubles to work stress with me you will be able to truly open up about your problems, allowing you de-stress and relax.

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