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Who Am I

Katreena Tomkins,MBACP Dip.Couns Integrative

I am a qualified counsellor based in Basildon who is registered with the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy. I am primarily a Humanistic, integrative therapist who also uses solution focused strategies and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing). I have extensive experience in working with couples, young adults and mature adults. My work is focused on bringing around positive change for each of my clients.

Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.” Omar Khayyam

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What Can Counselling Basildon help with?

Counselling can help with a range of things from anger management to a loss in the family, we are here to help you every step of the way. By helping you talk about your problems in a open way you can really make a difference within yourself.

Counselling Basildon can help in many ways, it really depends on what you want to achieve. It’s very rare you will go through a course of counselling without feeling a positive change.
Some people find their lives transformed, others solve specific problems and move forward with less anxiety and more confidence, others find peace in understanding themselves more. For some people just having a safe place to talk is vital to their emotional state.
The counsellor is there to support you. They won’t usually give you advice, but will help guide you to find your own solutions or understanding.
Counselling involves talking about painful and difficult feelings, sometimes this can make you feel worse for a while. However with the support of your counsellor you should gradually start to notice an improvement. Usually it will take a number of sessions to start feeling the benefits so it’s important that you make a regular commitment to achieve the best outcome.

What we can help you achieve

A Clearer Head | Less Stress | Happier | A Better Standard Of Life

From This
  • stress
  • anger management
  • self-esteem and confidence issues
  • problems within personal relationships
  • loss and bereavement
  • family issues
  • addiction
  • sexuality issues
  • issues arising from physical, emotional or sexual abuse
To This
  • career or work-related matters
  • meaning and purpose of life issues
  • coping with transition
  • personal problem solving
  • sexual and intimacy issues
  • obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • infertility issues
  • self-harming behaviour
  • unhappiness
Did You Know

We can also help with much more.

Most people go through times of felling sad or down. Depression is when you feel this way persistently for weeks or even months, not just a few days. Depression is a real illness with real symptoms, it’s not something you can “just get over” by “pulling yourself together”.


Symptoms can range from a continuous feeling for unhappiness or hopelessness, to feeling tearful or losing interest in everyday things. Sometimes there are physical symptoms too, like feeling tired, loss of sex drive or appetite, even aches and pains. Everyone experiences depression in different ways.


Depression can also cause Anxiety. There are many symptoms of Anxiety, like restlessness, a sense of dread, irritability… Physical symptoms can also be experienced such as, palpations, muscle tension, excessive sweating, nausea... Symptoms vary from person to person. You should see your GP if anxiety is affecting your daily life or is causing you distress.


Counselling can also help with addictions, phobias, abuse, resent or historical traumas. Sometimes it’s easier to talk with a stranger who won’t judge you or tell you what you should do. The counsellor will give you time to talk, shout, scream, and cry or simply just think.

Unsure Of What To Do Next?

If you are unsure whether counselling is right for you, you can make an assessment appointment, where a Counsellor can talk through with you your options. People are genuinely surprised how counselling helps with many different issues. It’s a brave move to come to counselling, but for almost everyone, it’s the best move they’ve made.

Counselling Basildon

Why Does Counselling help?

Counselling can effect people differently with each person who receives treatment finding their own way of dealing with their problem. For many the simple fact of just talking to someone who doesn't know you, the people involved and is completely impartial, allows you to open up and let everything out.

Declutter Your Brain

While we cannot give you a guide on how to fix a problem, we will allow you to think for yourself with a clear mind and work out the best possible next action. You will very quickly find that by being able to think clearly and "declutter" your brain you can see everything around you. Not everyone reacts the same to counselling and some can find it very difficult to fully open up about their problems, but a counselors job is to simply sit their and listen, for when you are ready to talk.

Navigate through your problems

Counselling is designed to help you understand yourself, each session you will delve deeper into your life and the problems you face. By looking at each problem you can develop a clearer understanding, now you have the knowledge and information about the problem, you can help to reduce the impact that has on your life. Gradually you can feel more positive and will have power to help deal with these problems in the future.

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